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Location:South Yorkshire

Year: 2022

Project: Kitchen renovation & design

Status: On site

Tucked away in a remote corner of Sheffield is a beautiful 3 bedroom home, set in a private courtyard with far reaching views to be enjoy from the back of the house. The brief was to renovate the kitchen and casual living area. 

Working closely with the client we developed a 'Japandi' (Japanese/Scandi) inspired open kitchen. Selected subtle and natural colour palettes and textures to create a calm, soft atmosphere with a nod to its farm house past. 

Warm walnut cabinet doors contrast with the smooth white corian work surface. The existing timber beam over head has been white washed softening its presence to compliment the tones of the room. A bespoke kitchen island includes a large piece of marble that was found on site - perfect for the clients love of baking pastries.  

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