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Polly North

Architecture MArch - University of Sheffield

Interior Architecture BA(hons) - Northumbria University

An upbringing surrounded by agriculture and construction.

A move to Newcastle to study a Bachelors in Interior Architecture.

Onto Sheffield for a Masters in Architecture.


From installations, pavilions, homes, conversions, commercial, panel speaker, tutor, new builds, old builds, interiors, lighting.

Now returned to the countryside.

Experiences into practice.

A design studio, to encapsulate joy, sustainability and health,

inclusive and sensitive in approach.

A deep understanding of the natural world impacting designs, 

architecture and interiors for the mind, body and soul.

LANDE design studio, champions the use of high quality, sustainable materials that prioritise health and avoid negatively impacting the environment.

- thoughtful, architecture and interiors that are both good to look at and good for your health. 

- designing, using tactile and sustainable materials that are a joy to engage. 

- creating atmospheres that allow occupiers to thrive.


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