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Happy New Year from LANDE

2023 is here and it feels there is no better time to introduce LANDE Design Studio to the world.

Setting up a design studio has been something I've set my sites on since starting at Architecture school years ago. Its so exciting to be able to share this exciting adventure with you and allow it to evolve going forwards.

LANDE Design Studio is an Architectural and Interior Design studio, fundamentally focusing on high quality, sustainable architecture and interiors that have a strong connection to craft and the natural environment. Our aim is to create beautiful spaces that are also healthy to occupy, designed for timelessness and prioritise sustainability.

The studio's motivations and ethos can be understood using 2 meanings for its name:



- referring to a simple past

The key driver in this conception of the studio is designing sustainably. This will be executed by looking back at the simplicity of the past, using traditional craft and natural materials to create architecture and interiors that are sympathetic to their environment and designed and created with a high quality, built to last.


- to land

To make space, to arrive, to land. LANDE design studio is creating spaces. Both through architectural reconfiguration & extension to existing buildings, and by designing spaces to give a new lease of life and identity. In either scenario, our goal is to allow our clients to feel as though they have arrived in a space that is truly theirs. We aim to distill our clients brief so that the end product is not just for us to be proud of, its a space that our client can take ownership of and be proud of too.

December saw our first projects taking shape and I cant wait to share them with you soon. But for now, thank you for your interest in this venture and welcome to the world LANDE.

HNY From Pol


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