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Mycelium pendant light

Mycelium pendant light


A Sustainable Blend of Style and Eco-Conscious Design


Elevate your living spaces with a cutting-edge Mycelium Lampshade, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with environmentally conscious craftsmanship. Handcrafted from the resilient roots of fungi, this lampshade boasts not only captivating visual appeal but also embodies a commitment to sustainability.

Our Mycelium Lampshade is meticulously crafted using advanced mycotecture techniques, resulting in a unique texture and organic form that adds a touch of nature's elegance to any room. Its intricate network of mycelial fibers creates a play of light and shadow, casting a warm and inviting glow that's perfect for cozy evenings or vibrant gatherings.

Crafted from natural and renewable materials, it's a guilt-free addition to your home decor. By choosing our lampshade, you're embracing a future-forward design philosophy that reduces environmental impact without compromising on style.


Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from resilient mycelium using innovative mycotecture methods.
  • Unique organic texture enhances visual appeal and light diffusion.
  • Casts a warm and inviting glow, creating an ambiance of serenity.
  • Earth-friendly materials ensure minimal environmental impact.
  • Versatile design complements various interior styles and room themes.


Elevate your space with the perfect harmony of style and sustainability. Choose our Mycelium Lampshade and illuminate your world responsibly. Discover a brighter future today.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
  • Returns Policy

    Mycelium Lampshades Returns Policy

    At LANDE design studio, we take great pride in offering you high-quality and sustainable products, including our Mycelium Lampshades. We understand that sometimes situations arise where you may need to return a product, and we are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience that aligns with UK regulations and the fragile nature of our unique lampshades.

    1. Returns Eligibility:
    - You may initiate a return within 14 days of receiving your Mycelium Lampshade, in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations.
    - The lampshade must be in its original condition and packaging, accompanied by proof of purchase, to be eligible for return.

    2. Fragile Nature of Mycelium Lampshades:
    - Our Mycelium Lampshades are crafted with delicate precision and care. Due to their natural and intricate composition, they require special handling to prevent damage during the return process.

    3. Returns Process:
    - To initiate a return, please contact our customer service team at Our representatives will guide you through the return process and provide you with a Return Authorization (RA) number.
    - Carefully pack the Mycelium Lampshade in its original packaging, ensuring it is protected against any potential damage during transit.
    - Clearly label the package with the provided RA number to help us identify and process your return efficiently.

    4. Return Shipping:
    - It is your responsibility to arrange and cover the cost of return shipping. We recommend using a reputable courier service that offers tracking and insurance for the value of the lampshade.
    - To minimize the risk of damage, we strongly advise using the original packaging or similar sturdy materials to protect the lampshade during transit.

    5. Inspection and Refund:
    - Once we receive the returned Mycelium Lampshade, our team will inspect it to ensure it's in its original condition.
    - If the lampshade meets the return eligibility criteria, we will process your refund within 14 days of receiving the return. The refund will be issued using the same payment method you used for the original purchase.

    6. Damaged Returns:
    - If the returned lampshade is damaged due to inadequate packaging, we may deduct a reasonable amount from your refund to cover the cost of restoration or replacement.

    7. Contact Us:
    - For any inquiries about our returns policy or assistance with the return process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at

    By adhering to this Returns Policy, we aim to ensure that your experience with returning our Mycelium Lampshades is as smooth and accommodating as possible, while also preserving the fragile nature of these unique creations.

    LANDE Design Studio


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